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We've got you covered. 


What We Do

Our mission is simple: To help our local food businesses succeed by searching for and providing them with the finest food products across the globe. 

With over 20 years of experience, a distribution network covering all of Canada's provinces and over 1200 SKUs in our portfolio - our ability to serve our customers is stronger than ever before.  

Great food shouldn't be hard to find. 

We do the finding for you. Each and every product is procured from reputable firms that are experts in their craft, upholding the highest standards in food safety. Despite a focus on offering South Asian food products - our portfolio now holds products from over 15 countries including from the Middle East, Europe, Africa as well as the Americas. 

We are a B2B organization serving the following businesses


Get better tasting products with higher quality ingredients. 

Warehouse Shelves

Food Service Distributors

Service your Asian restaurant customers better. 

All Natural Bulk Food Dispensers


Get increased foot traffic with brands people crave. 

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