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Our Solutions 

Continuously sharing our sourcing capabilities with more and more businesses.



Don't let quality issues damage your brand. 

Consistency is a guarantee with Nikita. We've searched long and hard for the best partners to work with us on each of our products. Each partner is accredited by reputable food safety institutions including BRCGS and ISO. Ask us about our bulk options for manufacturers. Kosher + Halal options available. 

Get your restaurants clients coming back for more. 

If you've got your restaurant clients searching for Asian food ingredients, look no further than Nikita to strengthen your ethnic food offerings. We've been working alongside food service distributors for almost two decades to understand the market and adapt to the latest food trends. 



Balaji Chat Chaska Mockup_Export.png


Get increased traffic with brands people crave.  

Our strong relationship with retailers all across Canada has allowed us to attract some of the strongest Indian food brands. Whether its chips, canned foods, spices or confectionary products, we've got what your potential customers are looking for. 

Indian Chicken Curry

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